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Our premiums for you at a glance: Combination G Combination H Combination I
Health insurance abroad + + +
Premium per day/person 0,23 € 0,23 € 0,23 €
Package includes: (with tick) Optional Optional
Premium per day/person 0,05 € 0,11 € 0,44 €
Liability insurance + + +
Casualty insurance + + +
Legal costs insurance - + +
Travel luggage insurance - - +
Total amount (Health insurance + package) 0,28 0,34 € 0,67 €
Optional additional liability cover for internships damages
Premium per day/person 0,12 € 0,12 € 0,12 €
Optional travel cancellation insurance + + +
Premium 2% from tour price
(max. 3.000 € travel price per person)
2% from tour price
(max. 3.000 € tour price per person)
2% from tour price
(max. 3.000 € tour price per person)

Brief overview: Content of insurance for trips abroad or to Germany (*Information)

Brief overview: Content of insurance for trips abroad or to Germany (*Information)

Insurance line of business scope of insurance
Health insurance
Medical expenses for outpatient and inpatient treatment 100 %
if medically necessary and unavoidable
Analgesic dental treatment max. 500 €
(not for existing tooth damage)
repatriation costs for further treatment in the home country if medically reasonable and justifiable
Transfer costs in case of death up to 25.000 €
Travel liability insurance
Personal injury and property damage 5 million €
Damage to rented movable property 1,000 €
with excess 50 € per insured event
loss of keys 2.000 €
with excess 150 € per insured event
Optional liability additional cover for internship damages up to the agreed sum insured
Participation in job-specific internships
In the context of a course of study or Erasmus Plus program:
personal injury and property damage:
up to the agreed sum insured under liability insurance for personal injury and property damage
Other than of a course of study or Erasmus-Plus program:
Personal injury and property damage:
with a flat-rate sum insured of 10,000 € with a deductible of 100 € per insured event
Travel accident insurance
Disability benefit 55,000 €
(123,750 € for 100% disability)
Death benefit Under 18 years 10,000 €
/ Over 18 years 25,000 €
Hospital daily allowance with recovery money 10 €
salvage costs 5.000 €
Travel luggage insurance
Damages and losses due to transport, force majeure, theft, fire, water +
Ski breakage risk (except hired, borrowed or rented skis) +
Camping risk +
Sum insured general 2000 €
(can be increased on request)
Sum insured own musical instruments 1.000 €
Travel legal protection
judicial and extrajudicial assertion of claims for damages +
Defence in criminal proceedings or administrative offences for labour and social law proceedings +
Sum insured 1.000.000 €
Travel cancellation insurance
Must be completed at least 14 days prior to departure
Cancellation charges paid +
Return travel costs that exceed the travel price +
Optional liability additional cover for internship damages
The amount of cover depends on the type of internship and the program. The following rules apply:
(1) For insured claims during a job-specific internship as part of a course of study or Erasmus Plus program, insurance cover shall be provided up to the agreed coverage amount of the liability insurance.
(2) For insured claims during a job-specific internship outside a course of study or Erasmus Plus program, insurance cover is provided up to a sum insured of EUR 10,000 for personal injury and property damage.
In addition, a deductible of EUR 100.00 per claim shall be agreed.

Policy conditions

NOTE: You can upload a list with all the participants (xls, xlsx, doc,pdf) that must contain at least surname, name, date of birth.


GAPP Travel insurance - Student Exchange Germany/USA

What is the German American Partnership Program (GAPP)?

GAPP is a student exchange program between Germany and the USA to promote school partnerships. School classes from both countries can visit each other to get to know the language and culture of the host country better. Information on how to find partner schools can be found at the bottom of this page. American schools with existing or planned German classes can apply for a grant. 

What travel insurance do I need for Student Exchanges?

BERNHARD offers a low-cost travel insurance with an optional additional protection package.

This always includes the international health insurance as a basis. The additional property package also includes liability, accident, travel legal protection and luggage insurance. We recommend to take out a travel cancellation insurance optionally.

Especially for GAPP student exchange travel groups consisting of students, teachers and other accompanying persons.
Valid for both German and American travel groups.

What travel insurance do I need for student exchanges?
Graphic: What travel insurance do I need for student exchanges?

Important facts about Student exchange travel insurance at a glance:

  • for groups of five or more people
  • the insurance is valid for German pupils/students, teachers and other chaperones for travel to the USA as well as for American pupils/students, teachers and other chaperones in Germany
  • the insurance duration can be up to 90 days
  • the whole travel insurance is valid world-wide, except in war zones!
  • the currently valid insurance tax is already included in the premiums (health insurance is tax-free)

More Information for GAPP Travel groups!

  • Please note that credit card payment is only accepted in case of online-registration and for the specified travel period.

  • Insurances with deviating travel periods are conducted by bank transfer (you bear the expense for the remittance fee) or by direct debit authorization via a German bank account (credit card payment is not accepted). You might consider asking the German school you are cooperating with to foot the expense and take care of the bank remittance for you (in order to avoid high remittance fees).

  • If the students’ travel periods differ from each other:
    One period of coverage with corresponding insurance package requires at least five participants. In addition, you can send us an email with reference to the insurance policy number of the participants with deviating travel periods in which you include the participants’ travel periods and birthdays.
    We will then register the insurance for the deviating travel periods with –A, so that it is clear that the participants are part of the group.

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Paying for online bookings

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Easy to pay with:

- Direct debit

- Bank transfer

- Credit card (Mastercard / VISA / American Express)


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