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Business travel insurance - Travel abroad health insurance

The world is growing together a little bit more every day. Global data flows, international trade, meetings all over the world - for many companies and business people, global business is a daily reality. But while companies take precautions against many risks such as currency fluctuations or political changes, one important element often goes unnoticed. The employees who visit suppliers abroad, attend meetings or carry out assembly work are often inadequately secured.

Therefore there is the business travel insurance, which can cover many risks for the employees, who move on the international parquet, which are not covered in a normal travel abroad health insurance. In the meantime many variants of such a business travel insurance are available, therefore an exact comparison of costs and achievements is important. Insurance cover for expatriates is offered by many reputable insurance companies.

What is the business travel insurance?

The business travel insurance or business travel insurance offer is aimed at people who are travelling abroad for business reasons. In the event of a claim, it covers the costs of medical and dental treatment abroad and, if necessary, return transport to the home country. Furthermore, transport costs, search, recovery and rescue measures are covered. Business travel insurance is valid worldwide and can also be taken out for stays abroad for several months.

What are the advantages of business travel insurance?

In general, it is of course worth comparing the different offers, as the scope of benefits can vary from one insurer to another. Especially in unknown regions abroad, the risk of illness or an accident increases, so that business travel insurance is a sensible insurance in any case. If unexpected illnesses occur, this can otherwise place a heavy burden on the company's insurance funds and it is even possible that the contract with which the employee left may be in jeopardy. In addition, insurance abroad is a strong argument on the labour market. Taking out a business travel insurance policy shows existing and new employees that the company cares about their well-being and encourages them to accept assignments abroad.

Why is statutory health insurance and accident insurance not sufficient?

The statutory insurances in some countries offer a certain basic protection, but this usually does not cover all costs incurred. If a business traveller becomes ill abroad or has to be treated because of an accident, this often results in high costs for which the patient has to pay first and then often only partial reimbursement. In addition, statutory insurance outside the EU offers no protection. In addition, the statutory accident insurance only covers damage that occurs during professional activity. If the employee has an accident abroad during his or her free time, he or she is not covered by accident insurance.

What risks are covered by business travel insurance?

The business travel insurance package for company employees abroad includes comprehensive travel abroad health insurance. This includes medical and dental treatment as well as inpatient or outpatient hospital stays in the event of illness or accident. The costs for necessary medication or dressing material are also covered. The costs for a medically reasonable repatriation home or in case of death a repatriation to the home country are also covered. Some providers also have other elements in their programme, so interested parties should compare the various offers before concluding a contract.

What are the costs?

When comparing the different offers for business travel insurance, some price differences can be noticed. These are often due to different policy terms, which can range from a few weeks to several months. Companies can therefore make a selection according to the expected length of stay of the employees abroad. Other factors that can make up a price difference are, for example, increased risks due to the employees' area of work or additionally selected modules. Conversely, companies with several employees working abroad may receive a discount from the insurer. Overall, however, it can be assumed that the costs of such insurance are only a fraction of the costs that would be incurred by the company and the employee concerned in an emergency.

Which additional services can be booked?

The core component of a business travel insurance is always the international health insurance, whose services cover all medical necessities in the respective host country, without the employee having to bear the costs locally. Building on this, most providers have further elements available that can be used to optimise insurance cover for company employees. For example, the coverage can often be combined with other insurance products such as liability insurance, travel cancellation or interruption insurance, legal expenses insurance or luggage insurance, so that the bottom line may be a significant saving compared to the individual components. In addition, some providers allow you to insure any accompanying family members of the employee. Through careful comparison(s), each company will be able to put together the right combination for the situation in question from the offers of the insurers.

Our insurance solution at a glance:

Travel abroad health insurance for stays of up to 365 days

  • Persons resident in the Federal Republic of Germany may insure themselves
  • daily premium calculation
  • Extension possible within the maximum insurance period
  • medically sensible return transport
  • no deductible
  • Reimbursement of excess premium paid in the event of early repatriation
  • Awarded by Stiftung Warentest as test winner issue 08/2010
  • Important: The insurance must be taken out before the start of the trip abroad.


* NOTE: DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY and RIGHT OF EXECUTION: This summary is a non-exhaustive, non-binding and abbreviated form of presentation for the sake of clarity. Only the written contents of the contract (including the insurance policies and the insurance conditions) shall apply. The brief overview is no substitute for advice. No liability can be accepted despite careful processing. Errors excepted.

withoutUSA/CAN incl. USA/ CAN
Daily premiums for business travellers up to 64 years 1,50 € 2,90 €
Daily premiums for business travellers from 65 years 3,50 € 8,90 €

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