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Travel cancellation insurance Reasons

Why you should take out travel cancellation insurance.

Who doesn't want to play it safe on their next holiday or business trip? After all, what happens if the trip cannot be started or is delayed? The consequence would be the payment of possibly high cancellation fees to the tour operator.

There may be a number of reasons why an already booked trip cannot be started. Here a travel cancellation insurance or travel cancellation costs insurance helps and pays for the costs of a travel cancellation.

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Reasons for assumption of costs in the event of travel cancellation

Travel cancellation insurance Reasons
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Cancellation of travel due to (acute) illness

In order for the assumption of costs to be recognised in the event of cancellation of travel due to illness, this must have occurred unexpectedly or suddenly. A doctor should issue a certificate confirming the severity of the illness, so that the trip cannot be expected and commenced. The illness can affect the insured person himself, his spouse, parents, children, siblings, grandparents, grandchildren, parents-in-law or children-in-law.

Cancellation of trip in case of accident or death

In the event of the unexpected death or serious accident of a relative, the cancellation fees will be covered by the travel cancellation insurance. This applies to the insured person himself, spouse, parents, children, siblings, grandparents, grandchildren, parents-in-law or children-in-law. Or if the trip was booked for 2 persons and the second person is also insured.

Travel cancellation in case of vaccination compatibility

Unexpected vaccination compatibility can occur in the course of preparations for a trip abroad. Especially when travelling to countries for which vaccination is prescribed or recommended. If the ingestion of the vaccine causes such serious complaints to the insured person or relatives that the trip cannot be started due to inability to travel, the travel cancellation insurance covers the cancellation costs.

Cancellation in case of damage to property

Before the start of the holiday, serious damage to property may occur (either directly to the insured person himself or in the case of a jointly booked trip with an insured relative). This can happen, for example, through fire, lightning, hail or the like. A further reason can be burglary and/or wilful destruction of the property. In the case of such a criminal offence, the presence may be necessary to ascertain the damage and the journey may not be commenced.

Cancellation in case of pregnancy

The travel cancellation insurance protects if complications occur during pregnancy before the start of the journey and the journey cannot be started. If there are any problems during your holiday which make it necessary to interrupt your journey, we recommend that you take out travel interruption insurance before you start your journey. In order to be protected against possibly high medical and hospital costs, it is absolutely advisable - especially during pregnancy - to take out an additional international health insurance.

Cancellation in the event of examination repeat or non-reassignment

Students may be required to repeat an examination. Because the examination has not been passed or has to be repeated for other reasons. To get the cancellation costs paid, it is important that the insured trip has been booked before the date of the failed trip and that the new date will take place during the planned holiday. The non-transfer of a student may also result in a planned class trip or student trip not being able to start.

Recommendation of travel cancellation insurance

We recommend that you take out travel cancellation insurance for both group trips and individual trips so that you do not have to pay the cost of a cancellation in the event of a cancellation and for whatever reason.

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